Where is Massachusetts Located in the United States?

Massachusetts Located

Do you know anything about Massachusetts? Have you ever visited this state? It is worth noting that this state is one of the oldest ones in the USA, formed by pilgrims. In this review, we’ll find out where is Massachusetts located, determine where is Massachusetts on the map and discuss several interesting facts about this place. So, let’s begin!

Where is Massachusetts Situated?

This state is located at the following coordinates: 42.3 N, 71.8W. Rhode Island and Connecticut are on the southern border of this state. New York City is located on the west side of the state. The north neighbor of the state is Vermont. Besides, the state has a very advantageous geographical location – it is situated at the bank of one of the biggest world oceans, the Atlantic Ocean.

Analyzing commercial and cultural standpoints, this state is of prime importance for the whole country. We can even say that the whole history of the USA started with the formation of Boston. The majority of all colonies in Massachusetts were created by British who came here at the beginning of the 1620s.

Several words about the capital…


Boston is the capital of this state. It must be added that this city is the most populous place in the state. Its population is more than 650.000 (according to the statistics which was gathered in 2016). Except for the size, this metropolis contributes to the economy of the whole country. This place is the center of cultural and economic development of the USA.

Location of Massachusetts is very profitable. The state has lots of higher educational establishments. Besides, Boston is regarded to be the center of international higher education. It bears mentioning that this metropolis is also the center of entrepreneurship and innovation. According to the statistics data, more than 2000 of start-ups are registered here. Nevertheless, Boston is also one of the most expensive US cities. It is really very expensive to live here.

Let’s Go Back to History…

Do you know why actually Massachusetts got its name? Americans can thank the British colonist John Smith, who decided to name this state in favor of the Massachusetts tribe that lived on this territory for many centuries before British made a decision to come here. This strange name means the following “near the great hill”. This tribe was living near the Great Blue Hill and rendered a decision to give this name to the territory.

The first institution of higher education in the country was formed in Massachusetts. First, it was called, “New College”, but later it was renamed to Harvard College. The higher educational establishment was grounded in 1636.


Due to Massachusetts location, this city has what to offer to its native citizens and tourists. Besides, it can gift you lots of fascinating memories about this state. Here are an awful lot of amazing sights to see. Thus, you should definitely add this place to your touristic route.