Where is the University of Massachusetts located?

University of Massachusetts

If you made up your mind to spend your studentship in Massachusetts, you need to find out everything about its higher educational establishments and select the best one. The University of Massachusetts is regarded to be one of the best ones in the whole state. So, where is the University of Massachusetts located? Today, we’ll try to reply this question and discover what else attracts students from the USA and why they prefer this higher educational establishment to many other ones.

The Key Facts about the University of Massachusetts

It is located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and comprises 5 different campuses:

  • Dartmouth,
  • Amherst,
  • Lowell,
  • Boston,
  • Worcester

The administration of the university is situated in Boston and Shrewsbury. More than 73,000 students study here. Not only local students prefer this university but students from other states and other countries also come here.

The system of UMass occupies the 52nd in the world. Besides, in 2015, it was included in the list of Top 100 Worldwide Universities.

Now, it is high time to discern about every school and discover what benefits students get studying here.

UMass Amherst

Where is the University of Massachusetts located?

This department is one of the biggest campuses of the university. Furthermore, it was the first school, established many years ago. Otherwise stated, the history of the whole university began from this particular campus. Originally, people called it as the Massachusetts Agricultural College. In 1931, it was renamed and acquired the name “Massachusetts State College”.

Professional and famous architects were developing this campus. When you come here, it seems you immerse yourself in a century-old atmosphere. Each building is an architectural masterpiece and reminds of those days.

UMass Lowell

UMass Lowell

This campus appeared as a result of a merge between a college and institute. Today, it is famous for fascinating science and engineering programs.

If you wish to study here, you’ll find this higher educational establishment in the Merrimack Valley, which is too close to Boston. Students, studying here, will specialize in the areas of science, technology, and engineering. However, this campus also offers different programs as internship, service learning and co-ops. There is a variety of international programs as well. More than 18,000 students study here.

UMass Boston

Where is the University of Massachusetts located?

This campus specializes in more scientific departments. This is a famous research university, situated in Boston (near the Boston harbor). It offers more than 50 graduate programs and 100 undergraduate programs. However, it also comprises an awful lot of different student organizations.

UMass Dartmouth

Where is the University of Massachusetts located?


This campus situated in the southeastern part of the state. Founded in 1895, it still accepts students from all over the globe. Initially, it was a conventional textile school but later, it transformed into a university. If you wish to study the programs as finance, accounting, management or marketing, this campus is the best solution. The campus accounts for more than 7000 students and 60 degree programs. You can choose the one which meets your demands and can develop your skills best of all.

If you wish to get the higher education in one of these campuses, you should visit the official website of this university, https://www.massachusetts.edu/, where you can find the general information about enrollment requirements.