Where is Boston Massachusetts Located on a Map

Location of Boston

Any tourist who wishes to visit one or another place wants to know its geographical location. It’s obvious because when you don’t know where one or another city is located, you can’t build a correct route. Today, we’ll analyze the geographical location of Boston and check how to get to this city faster.

Location of Boston on a map

Boston on a map

So, where is Boston, Massachusetts located on a map? Firstly, it must be noted that Boston is located on the bank of the Atlantic Ocean, 38 meters above the sea level (42.36 latitude and 71.06 longitude). The population of Boston is more than 600,000. For that reason, this city is the biggest one in Massachusetts.

Americans call this state as New England because it was the first settlement of Mayflower pilgrims. On that score, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the whole country and boasts of an awful lot of historical places and a variety of museums. Besides, this is an oasis of cultural, marketing and economic opportunities.

Boston still contains the flavor of the colonial era. A wide array of museums, old buildings and streets still remind about this period of life.

Who founded Boston?

The first notes about this city go back to the beginning of 1600th. It was established by Puritan colonists in 1630th. They were the first settlers of this area and were the first founders of the American culture. This city is also famous for a variety of historic events as the Boston Tea Party or Paul Reverses Ride and lots of others. If you wish to immerse yourself in the history of the USA, Boston should be the first place from which you should start.

Puritan colonists

Besides, we wish to add that Boston is an educational center of the USA as well. The best and the most famous higher educational establishments are situated here. We mean the universities as Harvard, M.I.T. and B.U. Maybe, you are one of those individuals, who still can’t choose the place where you can get the higher education. If yes, you should definitely come to Boston and visit the best universities personally.

It is easy to get to Boston from any American city because there are a railway station and airport. The easiest and the most convenient way is getting to Boston by car. There are lots of parking zones and you won’t depend on the schedule of the public transit system.

Several Fascinating Facts about Boston

Make yourself familiar with best places in Boston that are worth seeing:

  • Boston Common. This is the oldest American park which is one of the most beautiful places of interest as well.
  • The first subway of the USA was built in Boston in 1897.
  • The Boston Tea Party, which influenced the development of the American history, took place here. Every year, they celebrate the anniversary of this event on December 16th.

Boston Common

Thanks to an advantageous geographical location, Boston is one of the most booming places in the USA. This city gave birth to a variety of plants and factories and has a variety of interesting places to see.