Where is Massachusetts located?

If you want to improve your proficiency in geography and find out where Massachusetts is located, this review will be useful for you. We’ll bandy about this American state, find out where is Massachusetts located in the United Sates and learn lots of useful information about this state!

Massachusetts State

Where is Massachusetts Bay Colony Located?

This is a well-known English settlement, situated in Massachusetts. It was formed more than 500 hundred years ago. The first information about this settlement appeared in 1630. Around 1000 of Puritan refugees formed this colony. They came here in search of a better life. They were driven out from England, thus, they came here, hoping to form their native settlement. They were allowed to form their colony between the rivers Charles and Merrimack. The Connecticut River was used with the aim to transport timbers and furs.

Nevertheless, they didn’t get a chance to govern their territory because nominally, it was administrated by the Central New England. They tried to dispute these claims and get the power, trying to prove that they had rights to control their own territory but in vain.

Formally, the colony was founded by those who managed the Massachusetts Bay Company. During 1630s, more than 20,000 people migrated to this colony. Mostly, only Puritans were living here. As for the government, it is worth noting that their leaders were influenced by the religious leaders of Puritans.

First, they had good relationships with the native settlers, the Indian population, but later they couldn’t divide the territory, which led to the first War.

From the economical viewpoint, the colony was successful. They managed to trade goods with England and the West Indies. This helped them survive and develop their settlement. Nevertheless, the colony continued being under the control of the crown. The situation changed for the better after the well-known Glorious Revolution, which happened in 1688. Later the management was transformed to the colony itself.

Puritans lived there for more than 500 years and managed to from the following communities:

  • Charlestown,
  • Medford,
  • Roxbury,
  • Lynn,
  • Boston,
  • Dorchester,
  • Watertown.

In the early years, life of the local citizens was very difficult. They were made to live in hard conditions, building crude structures such as wigwams, dugouts and so on. As the years go by, the quality of such constructions was improved. These days, Massachusetts is a popular and economically successful state of the USA.

State government website https://www.mass.gov/