Where is Massachusetts Institute of Technology Located?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Are you going to dedicate your life to technology and now, you are in search of the best technical university in the USA? It bears mentioning that the best higher educational establishment where you can obtain a higher education is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. So, where is Massachusetts Institute of Technology located?

The answer is simple – Cambridge, Massachusetts. Except for good reputation, this higher educational establishment is one of the oldest ones in the whole country.

The Most Prominent Historical Facts

MIT (http://web.mit.edu/ ) is a reputable university and thousands of students wish to study here. The history of the institute goes back to 1861 (when the first students sat at the desks of the university). The rapid development of industrialization in the USA conduced the foundation of this university. Firstly, they strictly followed a European polytechnic university model but later, they managed to develop their own system.

Informally, people called this university as “Boston Tech”. Today, this name is still used by the local citizens. Almost immediately after the establishment, they faced financial difficulties but due to the fact that the state needed such specialists, they managed to survive. During the next 2nd decade of the 19th century, the number of students increased. Technical subjects were in demand and several new departments were created. Programs in engineering, marine, chemical and electrical subjects were introduced. The government allocated money and new buildings were built.

Since the year of establishment and until the present days, MIT remains a huge community of scientists, which adores the fundamental science and every day, they wish to make the world better. They managed to keep this spirit until the present days.


MIT in the 21st Century

The prime objective of MIT is to provide students with the education, which comprises strict academic study and the excitement of studying new subjects and discovery. Their overarching goal is to make students love the subject and to develop the ability to work creatively and effectively. The knowledge and skills, students receive at a higher educational establishment, should stay with them until the end of their lives. They don’t just make students study new material. They teach them how to apply this material in practice.

If you wish to become a part of this community, you should make yourself familiar with the basics:

  • The institute has more than 500 student groups. If neither of them doesn’t meet your demands or doesn’t correspond to your interests, you can start your own.
  • Their motto is Mind and Hand.
  • There are 33 varsity sports teams.
  • The territory of campus occupies more than 170 acres along the Charles River.

Students from the whole country come to Boston in order to study at this institute. International students also prefer this higher educational establishment to lots of others.

If you wish to apply to MIT, you should know their address. You can find it below:

77 Massachusetts Avenue

Room 10-100

Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: 617.253.3400
Email: [email protected]