Where is Boston Located in Massachusetts

Where is Boston Located in Massachusetts

Have you ever been to Boston? Do you know where Boston located in Massachusetts? Have you ever wondered about the geographical location of this city? In sober fact, you can easily find Boston in US map. In this review, we’ll bandy about Boston, find out where Boston is located and determine several interesting facts about this metropolis.

Boston on Map of USA: Geographical Location

Boston Located in Massachusetts

You can easily find this city on the map because it is not small. This is one of the biggest metropolises in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The city is situated on the bank of the Atlantic Ocean, 42.37 latitude and -71.06 longitudes.

It is worth noting that this city is regarded to be the most populous one in the state. Its population is more than 600,000 people. It occupies around 48 square miles. Analyzing the territory of New England, we can conclude that Boston is the largest city here.

Boston has lots of interesting points of interest and if your overarching goal is to visit all big cities of the USA, you should definitely come here. Just open Google maps, find in which state Boston is located and come here. For you to take interest in this city, read our fascinating facts about Boston.

Several Amazing Facts You didn’t Know about Boston

  1. Boston was named in honor of a small English town.

The first citizens of this city came from a small English town, Boston. For that reason, Puritans made a decision to keep this name.

  1. Boston is the birth-place of the first lighthouse in the USA.

In 1716, settlers built the first lighthouse here. It was built on Little Brewster Island. The lighthouse was destroyed and gone many centuries ago, but still, this place reminds about it.

  1. The Oldest US Public Park is Situated in Boston.

Boston Common

Its name is Boston Common. This is the first green sanctuary which dates back to 1634. It must be noted that this is the oldest green park in the country. It still operates and welcomes tourists here. Thus, being in Boston, you should add this place to your route.

  1. “Happy Hours” are banned here.

Any Boston pub doesn’t offer this drink. This is a well-know post-work drink of the local citizens. Nevertheless, government banned it in 1984. So, if you dream about tasting it, you won’t find it here.

  1. The First US Chocolate Factory was in Boston.

The Dorchester neighborhood of this city is well-know for the location of the first US chocolate factory. So, Boston citizens were the first who managed to taste chocolate products in the USA.

  1. At the Beginning of the Century, It was Allowed to Drive a Car without Passing a Driving Test.

People started getting the driver’ licenses in 1903, but no one checked whether they could drive a car or not. They didn’t pass a driving test at all. The situation changed for the better in 1920. After that, the government obliged each driver to pass a driving test.

  1. This is the Place of Birth of the First US Subway

The first US subway was built in this city in 1897. After that, many American cities followed the example of Boston and started building subways in the country.

These are the most interesting facts about Boston. You have a chance to visit this city and find out more information about their history, mode of life and their heroes. Boston has what to show you! You won’t regret!