Where was Massachusetts Bay Colony located?

Massachusetts Bay Colony located

Those who plan their trip around the most prominent states shouldn’t leave Boston out of account and probably wonder where was Massachusetts Bay Colony located? Some tourists consider that there is nothing interesting in Boston and prefer other cities to this one.

Yet still, they are at fault because Massachusetts is one of the oldest American states, which has a wide array of historical places of interest and fascinating modern entertainments. You can find more detailed information about the location, history, and pace of living of this state here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massachusetts_Bay_Colony .

Several Amazing Facts about the Colony

In very deed, it doesn’t exist anymore. The first English settlement on the east coast of the continent was called as the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It was founded in 1628 and existed till 1691. The first pilgrims, who came here, chose this place to form their first settlements due to its advantageous geographic location. The initial exiles of the first emigrants were situated here. In current times, well-known Boston and Salem occupy this territory.

The colony administered a huge territory, which comprises the modern New England, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Officially, the proprietary of Massachusetts Company were the founders of this colony. It was a team of retail customers from the Dorchester Company, which failed before. Besides, the flotation of the company is the second endeavour of colonization. This period in the history of the USA is probably the most difficult but at the same time the most amazing one. It is very interesting to keep track of the nationality origin and see how they managed to survive on the new territory.

Analyzing the economic state, we must add that they were quite successful (mostly, thanks to a profitable geographic location). Firstly, the population was around 20.000 people and all of them were mainly puritans. They had their own government, consisting of Puritans as well. Otherwise stated, they came to America with the aim to create a country of their dream. They couldn’t survive in Great Britain and couldn’t follow the severe rules of the Monarchy. However, the colonial board didn’t accept other religions and were intolerant to all other god-fearing views.

Initially, they had excellent relationships with the local Indian citizens. They helped the new squatters to grow familiar with the new territory. Nevertheless, so good relationships didn’t last for too long. The first frictions developed in 1636 and led to the Pequot War and King Philip’s war.

How Puritans survived in the Colony


When they came to this country, they definitely experienced lots of difficulties. Some emigrants lived in wigwams or dirt-floor huts. As the years went by, the constructions were improved as well as their quality of life.

Nevertheless, a too close location of the Atlantic Ocean allowed them to survive. Economically, they were quite successful. They traded with the West Indies and England.

When you come to this state, you’ll find a broad selection of museums, which will show you how the first inhabitants (who managed to survive on the American territory) lived. You’ll explore many new facts, describing the history of this place and the USA as a whole. Though the Massachusetts Bay Colony doesn’t exist anymore, it triggered off other metropolises, which looked as poor settlements 400 hundred years ago.