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This portal is the main information resource devoted to Massachusetts Bay Colony. Wish to know more about the Commonwealth of Massachusetts? Welcome!

We’ll tell you everything about this state. You’ll know its detailed history, dating back to the beginning of 1600s and till the present days. You’ll find out who formed this state, who lived here, how the native citizens survived and what they did in order to develop their colony. You’ll learn too many interesting facts about the native citizens, their life modes and their beliefs. We’ll also tell you about their traditions that managed to influence the American culture.

Do you know that Massachusetts is regarded to be the most populous state of the New England? Maybe you underestimated this state and couldn’t even guess about this, but it is true!

Besides, you’ll find out everything about the daily graft of the native citizens, economic relationships and local traditions.

The prime objective of this portal is to help students learn more information about this state. So, if you live here or you are going to move to Massachusetts, it is high time to educate yourself and bandy about the local life. Welcome to our portal about Massachusetts! Know about the place where you live more!