Which Colony was Located Between the Two Parts of Massachusetts?

colony locate between Massachusetts

Do you know which colony was located between the two parts of Massachusetts? In this review, we’ll discern about this state, check out Massachusetts colony map and identify its geographic location.

In sober fact, the Thirteen Colonies is a definite group of British Colonies that are located on the east coast of North America. All these settlements were founded 400 years ago. First, they lived under the British crown. Nevertheless, in 1776 they managed to declare independence. All those Massachusetts 13 colonies had the same constitutional, political and legal systems. Nevertheless, Protestant-English speakers were dominating.

Analyzing the mode of life, economic relationships and the political area, all colonies tried to collaborate with each other. In other words, self-governance was dominating. Historians consider that such inter-colonial relationships formed a well-known sense of shared American identity. All this led to the American Revolution and in 1776 they declared independence.

The first settlement was a well-known Colony of Virginia, which was founded in 1607. The last one was the Province of Virginia, which was founded in 1732.

New Hampshire is the state which is situated in the northeastern United States. This colony borders Massachusetts, Vermont and Quebec. This colony is regarded to be one of the smallest land areas of the USA. Regardless of the fact that Concord is the capital of the state, Manchester is deemed to be the biggest and the most well-known city. The East Coast of the USA can make boast of the biggest ski mountains, thus, this is an ideal place for snowmobiling, skiing, hiking and mountaineering in the USA.

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