Where is the Capital of Massachusetts Located?

Capital of Massachusetts

Coming to a new state of the USA, the first thing a person takes into consideration is its capital location. Thus, coming to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you ought to find out what is the capital of Massachusetts. Besides, you may also wonder where is the capital of Massachusetts located. In this review, we’ll discern about this issue and try to find out the most important information about the Boston state.

What State is Boston in?

As you probably understand, Boston is the capital of Massachusetts. This huge city is the biggest one in the state. The estimated population is around 700, 000. Beyond that, this place is also regarded to be the seat of Suffolk County. For more than 300 years Boston had occupied a leading position in the history of the whole country.

The city was settled upon the Hilly Shawmut Peninsula. First, it was surrounded by water. Nevertheless, later, it was connected with the mainland through the use of a narrow neck. The Charles River is regarded to be the main river of the state. Its prime objective is to separate the peninsula from the main territory.

Old State House

The city is also subdivided into two parts: the North End and the South End. The first colonial settlement was built at the beginning of the 1700th. It was the Old State House.

Analyzing the modern city, it is worth mentioning that the following buildings remained almost unchanged till the modern times:

  • Faneuil Hall (formed in 1742);
  • The Old Corner Bookstore (1718);
  • The Old South Meeting House (1729);
  • King’s Chapel (1750).

Faneuil Hall and King’s Chapel

Several facts about the postcolonial period

At the end of the 18th century, the city started changing. The urban landscape underwent the first significant changes. The originator of all changes was a well-known architect Charles Bulfinch. Besides, this man also was the head of the city government for more than 15 years. Thanks to this man, the city began to look like as a modern American city. The State House, which is situated on Beacon Hill was designed by this man. He managed to transform this building into a pretty residential district. By the way, it was survived till the present days (it was a little bit redesigned). Except for this building, the architect was also working on lots of other houses built around the Louisburg Square.

In the 19th century, the citizens demanded more land. For that reason, an awful lot of hills were leveled. Consequently, the waterfront was extended and lots of other new districts were formed.

Boston is a city with its own long and hard history. It was formed by the settlers from Great Britain who came to the USA in search of much better living conditions. It must be noted that they found what they had been looking for here.

Coming to Boston, don’t forget to read about this state and find all sights on Google maps. All of them definitely deserve your attention. There are lots of interesting and popular historic sights here. Besides, there are lots of things that will definitely amaze you. Boston is one of the most expensive US cities. So, planning your visit here, don’t forget about this!