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Massachusetts Bay Colony located

Those who plan their trip around the most prominent states shouldn’t leave Boston out of account and probably wonder where was Massachusetts Bay Colony located? Some tourists consider that there is nothing interesting in Boston and prefer other cities to this one.

Yet still, they are at fault because Massachusetts is one of the oldest American states, which has a wide array of historical places of interest and fascinating modern entertainments. You can find more detailed information about the location, history, and pace of living of this state here .

Several Amazing Facts about the Colony

In very deed, it doesn’t exist anymore. The first English settlement on the east coast of the continent was called as the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It was founded in 1628 and existed till 1691. The first pilgrims, who came here, chose this place to form their first settlements due to its advantageous geographic location. The initial exiles of the first emigrants were situated here. In current times, well-known Boston and Salem occupy this territory.

The colony administered a huge territory, which comprises the modern New England, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Officially, the proprietary of Massachusetts Company were the founders of this colony. It was a team of retail customers from the Dorchester Company, which failed before. Besides, the flotation of the company is the second endeavour of colonization. This period in the history of the USA is probably the most difficult but at the same time the most amazing one. It is very interesting to keep track of the nationality origin and see how they managed to survive on the new territory.

Analyzing the economic state, we must add that they were quite successful (mostly, thanks to a profitable geographic location). Firstly, the population was around 20.000 people and all of them were mainly puritans. They had their own government, consisting of Puritans as well. Otherwise stated, they came to America with the aim to create a country of their dream. They couldn’t survive in Great Britain and couldn’t follow the severe rules of the Monarchy. However, the colonial board didn’t accept other religions and were intolerant to all other god-fearing views.

Initially, they had excellent relationships with the local Indian citizens. They helped the new squatters to grow familiar with the new territory. Nevertheless, so good relationships didn’t last for too long. The first frictions developed in 1636 and led to the Pequot War and King Philip’s war.

How Puritans survived in the Colony


When they came to this country, they definitely experienced lots of difficulties. Some emigrants lived in wigwams or dirt-floor huts. As the years went by, the constructions were improved as well as their quality of life.

Nevertheless, a too close location of the Atlantic Ocean allowed them to survive. Economically, they were quite successful. They traded with the West Indies and England.

When you come to this state, you’ll find a broad selection of museums, which will show you how the first inhabitants (who managed to survive on the American territory) lived. You’ll explore many new facts, describing the history of this place and the USA as a whole. Though the Massachusetts Bay Colony doesn’t exist anymore, it triggered off other metropolises, which looked as poor settlements 400 hundred years ago.

It seems like citizens of Connecticut, New York or New Hampshire don’t face any difficulties related to the ways how to spend their weekend. Too close location of Massachusetts allows them to spend fascinating weekends in this place. In sober fact, Massachusetts has a variety of interesting places to show to its tourists and if you can’t go abroad, this state can be a very good alternative.

The Location of Massachusetts

The population of this state is more than 6 million people. Statistically, this is the 14th biggest division in the USA. Officially, it acquired the status as a state in 1788. Its government is based in Boston (the population of this city is more than 600 thousand).

biggest cities of this state

Analyzing the biggest cities of this state, we can mention the following ones:

  • Boston,
  • Worcester,
  • Springfield,
  • Lowell

It seems like these cities have a variety of activities to offer to their tourists. So, if you have never been to one of them, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit at least one of these cities.

There is another name of this state – “The Bay State”. The citizens chose this name due to huge bays, which shape the coast. We mean:

  • Massachusetts Bay,
  • Cape Cod Bay,
  • Buzzards Bay,
  • Mount Hope Bay.

The nature views are picturesque here. If you are a photographer and search for excellent views, this place will meet your requirements. You’ll make a high-quality photo content here.

Cape Cod Bay

Nevertheless, if these places aren’t enough for you (you wish to see more), it is high time to change your route in favor of the Cape Cod. This is a big, sandy and picturesque peninsula, situated in the southeastern corner of the state. This well-known geographic cap is extending up to the Atlantic Ocean, which is definitely worth seeing. If you plan your trip in summer, you should definitely visit this place because its beaches attract American tourists during summer months.

So, if beaches aren’t interesting for you, what should you prefer? Central Massachusetts is the number one place for you! Here, you can find a variety of rocky hills and other fascinating activities that can meet the demands of those tourists who adore mountains.

Should I visit Boston?

This is the biggest city of Massachusetts, which is situated in the Massachusetts Bay. Otherwise stated, this is the most populous city in the state. The Suffolk County sits in this city. Besides, Boston is the center of the economic life of the state.

We wish to add that this city is one of the oldest ones in the whole country because it was founded in 1630. Puritan settlers were the first settlers here. They chose this city due to a profitable geographic location and physical proximity of the ocean.

Coming to Boston, you’ll have a chance to visit lots of places. For instance, the Boston Public Garden, Isabella Steward Gardner Museum, Boston Common or Freedom Trail and many others. All these places will acquaint you with the detailed history of this state.

This state also comprises 351 cities and small towns. For that reason, we can conclude that Massachusetts has what to offer to its citizens and tourists which come here every year.

Plymouth Massachusetts

If you plan a trip to the USA, you should plan your itinerary thoroughly and include all historical and interesting places in it. Many tourists don’t visit Plymouth, considering there is nothing interesting there. Nevertheless, this city has an awful lot of historical places of interest. Americans call this city as “America’s Hometown”. Let’s take a look at the historical treasures of this city and check out what it offers.

Go Back to History

Plymouth Colony

Why should you visit Plymouth? There is a number-one reason – this is the first colony, founded in 1620 by well-known Mayflower Pilgrims. They established New England here. Furthermore, this is one of the oldest American states. So, if you wish to make yourself familiar with the history of the American states, this state is the first place you should visit.

Today, the number-one holiday of millions of Americans is Thanksgiving Day. They celebrate it every year. Emigrees from Great Britain began this tradition. In such a manner, they wanted to thank Indians for their help. Today, the majority of tourists try to visit this city during the celebration of the Thanksgiving Day.

We wish to note that Plymouth was the first capital of Plymouth Colony. It served as the capital from 1620 to 1691 until this colony merged with the Massachusetts Bay colony.

As you see, this town is integral to the history of the USA and if you wish to trace it, you should definitely begin your trip with this place.

Several Important Facts about Plymouth

We wish to add that this city is the biggest one in Massachusetts. It is situated 40 miles south of Boston, in the South Shore region. In the 19th century, this town was the center of fishing and shipping. Besides, this city is also famous due to the development of rope making because the biggest rope making factory was founded here. For centuries, this city served as a huge port and the main source of income was shipping of products. Nevertheless, the situation has changed today and tourism brings more funds to the municipal budget than all other industries.

However, the main place you should visit is the Pilgrim Hall Museum. Every tourist, who comes to this city for the first time ever, should visit this place. Besides, this is one of the oldest American museums in the country.

Plymouth Massachusetts Located

You can find interesting facts and useful information about the current events and historical objects of Plymouth on this website If you have real estate, vehicle, destination or lots of other questions, related to the history of this city and its pace of living, you will find the answers here. This is the main city portal where the society discusses all current questions. Furthermore, if your overarching goal is to visit a particular event which will be held here, you should visit this website to clarify the details.

Bottom Line

Plymouth is one of the main cities from which the history of the USA began. For that reason, this is the number one place you should visit in this country. Furthermore, you’ll find our many fascinating and interesting facts about the development of this country the first settlers and their mode of life.

Capital of Massachusetts

Coming to a new state of the USA, the first thing a person takes into consideration is its capital location. Thus, coming to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you ought to find out what is the capital of Massachusetts. Besides, you may also wonder where is the capital of Massachusetts located. In this review, we’ll discern about this issue and try to find out the most important information about the Boston state.

What State is Boston in?

As you probably understand, Boston is the capital of Massachusetts. This huge city is the biggest one in the state. The estimated population is around 700, 000. Beyond that, this place is also regarded to be the seat of Suffolk County. For more than 300 years Boston had occupied a leading position in the history of the whole country.

The city was settled upon the Hilly Shawmut Peninsula. First, it was surrounded by water. Nevertheless, later, it was connected with the mainland through the use of a narrow neck. The Charles River is regarded to be the main river of the state. Its prime objective is to separate the peninsula from the main territory.

Old State House

The city is also subdivided into two parts: the North End and the South End. The first colonial settlement was built at the beginning of the 1700th. It was the Old State House.

Analyzing the modern city, it is worth mentioning that the following buildings remained almost unchanged till the modern times:

  • Faneuil Hall (formed in 1742);
  • The Old Corner Bookstore (1718);
  • The Old South Meeting House (1729);
  • King’s Chapel (1750).

Faneuil Hall and King’s Chapel

Several facts about the postcolonial period

At the end of the 18th century, the city started changing. The urban landscape underwent the first significant changes. The originator of all changes was a well-known architect Charles Bulfinch. Besides, this man also was the head of the city government for more than 15 years. Thanks to this man, the city began to look like as a modern American city. The State House, which is situated on Beacon Hill was designed by this man. He managed to transform this building into a pretty residential district. By the way, it was survived till the present days (it was a little bit redesigned). Except for this building, the architect was also working on lots of other houses built around the Louisburg Square.

In the 19th century, the citizens demanded more land. For that reason, an awful lot of hills were leveled. Consequently, the waterfront was extended and lots of other new districts were formed.

Boston is a city with its own long and hard history. It was formed by the settlers from Great Britain who came to the USA in search of much better living conditions. It must be noted that they found what they had been looking for here.

Coming to Boston, don’t forget to read about this state and find all sights on Google maps. All of them definitely deserve your attention. There are lots of interesting and popular historic sights here. Besides, there are lots of things that will definitely amaze you. Boston is one of the most expensive US cities. So, planning your visit here, don’t forget about this!

Massachusetts Located

Do you know anything about Massachusetts? Have you ever visited this state? It is worth noting that this state is one of the oldest ones in the USA, formed by pilgrims. In this review, we’ll find out where is Massachusetts located, determine where is Massachusetts on the map and discuss several interesting facts about this place. So, let’s begin!

Where is Massachusetts Situated?

This state is located at the following coordinates: 42.3 N, 71.8W. Rhode Island and Connecticut are on the southern border of this state. New York City is located on the west side of the state. The north neighbor of the state is Vermont. Besides, the state has a very advantageous geographical location – it is situated at the bank of one of the biggest world oceans, the Atlantic Ocean.

Analyzing commercial and cultural standpoints, this state is of prime importance for the whole country. We can even say that the whole history of the USA started with the formation of Boston. The majority of all colonies in Massachusetts were created by British who came here at the beginning of the 1620s.

Several words about the capital…


Boston is the capital of this state. It must be added that this city is the most populous place in the state. Its population is more than 650.000 (according to the statistics which was gathered in 2016). Except for the size, this metropolis contributes to the economy of the whole country. This place is the center of cultural and economic development of the USA.

Location of Massachusetts is very profitable. The state has lots of higher educational establishments. Besides, Boston is regarded to be the center of international higher education. It bears mentioning that this metropolis is also the center of entrepreneurship and innovation. According to the statistics data, more than 2000 of start-ups are registered here. Nevertheless, Boston is also one of the most expensive US cities. It is really very expensive to live here.

Let’s Go Back to History…

Do you know why actually Massachusetts got its name? Americans can thank the British colonist John Smith, who decided to name this state in favor of the Massachusetts tribe that lived on this territory for many centuries before British made a decision to come here. This strange name means the following “near the great hill”. This tribe was living near the Great Blue Hill and rendered a decision to give this name to the territory.

The first institution of higher education in the country was formed in Massachusetts. First, it was called, “New College”, but later it was renamed to Harvard College. The higher educational establishment was grounded in 1636.


Due to Massachusetts location, this city has what to offer to its native citizens and tourists. Besides, it can gift you lots of fascinating memories about this state. Here are an awful lot of amazing sights to see. Thus, you should definitely add this place to your touristic route.

Have you ever been to Boston? Do you know where Boston located in Massachusetts? Have you ever wondered about the geographical location of this city? In sober fact, you can easily find Boston in US map. In this review, we’ll bandy about Boston, find out where Boston is located and determine several interesting facts about this metropolis.

Boston on Map of USA: Geographical Location

Boston Located in Massachusetts

You can easily find this city on the map because it is not small. This is one of the biggest metropolises in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The city is situated on the bank of the Atlantic Ocean, 42.37 latitude and -71.06 longitudes.

It is worth noting that this city is regarded to be the most populous one in the state. Its population is more than 600,000 people. It occupies around 48 square miles. Analyzing the territory of New England, we can conclude that Boston is the largest city here.

Boston has lots of interesting points of interest and if your overarching goal is to visit all big cities of the USA, you should definitely come here. Just open Google maps, find in which state Boston is located and come here. For you to take interest in this city, read our fascinating facts about Boston.

Several Amazing Facts You didn’t Know about Boston

  1. Boston was named in honor of a small English town.

The first citizens of this city came from a small English town, Boston. For that reason, Puritans made a decision to keep this name.

  1. Boston is the birth-place of the first lighthouse in the USA.

In 1716, settlers built the first lighthouse here. It was built on Little Brewster Island. The lighthouse was destroyed and gone many centuries ago, but still, this place reminds about it.

  1. The Oldest US Public Park is Situated in Boston.

Boston Common

Its name is Boston Common. This is the first green sanctuary which dates back to 1634. It must be noted that this is the oldest green park in the country. It still operates and welcomes tourists here. Thus, being in Boston, you should add this place to your route.

  1. “Happy Hours” are banned here.

Any Boston pub doesn’t offer this drink. This is a well-know post-work drink of the local citizens. Nevertheless, government banned it in 1984. So, if you dream about tasting it, you won’t find it here.

  1. The First US Chocolate Factory was in Boston.

The Dorchester neighborhood of this city is well-know for the location of the first US chocolate factory. So, Boston citizens were the first who managed to taste chocolate products in the USA.

  1. At the Beginning of the Century, It was Allowed to Drive a Car without Passing a Driving Test.

People started getting the driver’ licenses in 1903, but no one checked whether they could drive a car or not. They didn’t pass a driving test at all. The situation changed for the better in 1920. After that, the government obliged each driver to pass a driving test.

  1. This is the Place of Birth of the First US Subway

The first US subway was built in this city in 1897. After that, many American cities followed the example of Boston and started building subways in the country.

These are the most interesting facts about Boston. You have a chance to visit this city and find out more information about their history, mode of life and their heroes. Boston has what to show you! You won’t regret!

Do you know where is Massachusetts General Hospital located? When you come to Massachusetts for the first time ever, you don’t care about the location of a hospital or other government units. First, you wonder about the location of interesting and historical points of interest that can tell about the city itself. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t think this way. No one is impervious to unexpected circumstances. Thus, you ought to Google in advance the location of so important establishments.

Massachusetts General Hospital is regarded to be the best medical center which is situated in the center of Boston. Furthermore, this hospital is deemed to be the best one among all medical centers of the country. This is the main place where students from Harvard Medical School acquire their first medical skills. This medical establishment is also included in the list of the best US hospitals.

When you come to this state first and suffer from chronic illnesses, it is much better to book hotels near Massachusetts General Hospital. In this case, you can be sure that you’ll immediately get medical aid. To find them, visit any booking service and choose the required date. In sober fact, there are more than 200 hotels in Boston. Hyatt Place Boston and the Charles hotel are the nearest ones to the hospital.

In any case, we wish you good luck on your trip and wish you enjoy the city!

Massachusetts Bay Colony

Have you ever been to the Massachusetts Bay Colony? Maybe you dream about visiting this state, don’t you? Nevertheless, before you come to the new state, you ought to find the information about its geographical location, several facts about the life mode in this area and maybe famous people from Massachusetts.

First, let’s bandy about the geographical location. So, where was Massachusetts Bay Colony located? It is situated on the east coast of North America. The first historical notes about this place date back to the 17th century. Later, it was reorganized in the Province of Massachusetts Bay. The first settlements of Puritans were on two natural harbors. These days, such well-known cities as Boston and Salem are located here.

First, the Colony was administrated by England, but later they managed to gain independence.

colony locate between Massachusetts

Do you know which colony was located between the two parts of Massachusetts? In this review, we’ll discern about this state, check out Massachusetts colony map and identify its geographic location.

In sober fact, the Thirteen Colonies is a definite group of British Colonies that are located on the east coast of North America. All these settlements were founded 400 years ago. First, they lived under the British crown. Nevertheless, in 1776 they managed to declare independence. All those Massachusetts 13 colonies had the same constitutional, political and legal systems. Nevertheless, Protestant-English speakers were dominating.