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University of Massachusetts

Considering the fact that the University of Massachusetts is the most popular one in the state, many students dream of studying here. We don’t mean only US students because when you come to one of their campuses, you’ll see an awful lot of international students, who preferred this higher educational establishment to lots of other ones.

What You Should Know About the University of Massachusetts

Firstly, this higher educational establishment is included in the list of the best 10 universities in the world. The university has several campuses which are located in different parts of the country:

  • Amherst,
  • Dartmouth,
  • Boston,
  • Medical School,
  • Lowell

Each department from the list specializes in different scientific spheres. If to gather all students studying on all campuses, we see that their number is more than 70,000.

People appreciate this university thanks to the high-quality of their academic programs. The overarching goal of this higher educational establishment is to provide students with the access to affordable education and excellent academic programs. This university isn’t the most expensive one but at the same time, it is one of the best ones in the world.

Founded more than 150 years ago, it still attracts students from the whole country. Initially, it was the Massachusetts Agricultural College, founded in Amherst (you see that Amherst campus is the oldest one). Too fast development of industrialization required specialists in this area. That is why a new college opened the doors to hundreds of students. Due to an advantageous geographical location, high-quality of educational programs, and affordability of higher education, a small college turned into a respectful university.


The Medical school and the campus in Boston are the most modern buildings. They started accepting students in 1962. Today, their medical school has lots of positive testimonials from students who studied here. Besides, it has many rewards and is regarded as one of the best medical schools in the whole country.

The Studentship in the University of Massachusetts

The studentship is the brightest and the most interesting period of life of any person. Taking into consideration the fact that they need to study a lot, they can’t forget about their personal life. This university offers many interesting programs for their students.

If your native language is not English, you should prove that you know this language well enough in order to study here. They will ask you to pass an English Language Proficiency Test (there are several types of this test, IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE). When you get your test scores, you will send the results by email.

Studentship in the University

Nevertheless, students complain that in some instances it is hard to cope with all assignments, they receive from teachers. If you wish to become a part of their community, you should get ready for a busy schedule. In some instances, students try to cope with tasks by themselves but if a deadline is short or they have several tasks to do, they may search for top writing services and ask for their assistance.

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Bottom Line

The University of Massachusetts is a perfect higher educational establishment which can meet the demands of any student. It offers interesting and modern academic programs, accessible higher education and lots of opportunities for future students. The university also requires a mandatory health protection of students (in some instances, they even pay all costs by themselves). If you dream about studying in the USA, this higher educational establishment is the best solution.

Universities of Massachusetts

Are you thinking of getting a higher education in Massachusetts? Do you know that this state has a variety of higher educational establishments, allowing students to receive a degree? Students from all over the globe come here with the aim to study in the best universities of the world. Furthermore, this state is a home to two higher educational establishments, included in the list of the US World University Rankings 2017.

In this review, we’ll give short characteristics to several universities located in this stated. Mayhap, this information will help students render the right decision and choose the best higher educational establishment. Considering the fact that the choice is huge, it is really hard to understand where to start. Nevertheless, before you select a university, you should know that each of them offers different educational programs, subjects, and a lifestyle. The price for higher education also differs.


Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This university doesn’t need the introduction because the abbreviation MIT is well-known to any American applicant. Analyzing the past several years, this one occupies the leading positions in all rankings. It is situated in Cambridge and occupies 168 acres. Its location allows all university students to study without different distractions. Nevertheless, if you have a few several hours you can organize a trip to a city!

A variety of students from all over the globe prefer this university due to a prestigious business school. Nevertheless, MIT offers many different departments as well. For that reason, this is a cool chance to start your career!


Boston University

Boston University

This is another top-ranked higher educational establishment in Boston. Today, it is included in the list of top 30 universities of the country. This is a multidisciplinary higher educational establishment, offering more than 200 fields of study. Besides, Boston University is the best place for those who wish to involve their life in research and innovation.


Harvard University

Harvard University

This is one of the oldest universities in the world. This university has been accepting students for more than 400 years ago and during these years managed to provide millions of people with a higher education. It offers a variety of disciplines to learn. Today, more than 20,000 students are studying at this higher educational establishment. Besides, they also offer a profitable financial aid scheme, allowing students to save cash on education.

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Concerts to Visit in Massachusetts

Coming to Massachusetts, you have a sterling opportunity to visit not only the main historical objects of interest but other interesting places as well. You have a chance to combine your trip around traditional interesting places as museums or well-known historical buildings with other modern activities. Lots of singers or pop groups also hold their concerts in this state.

When you plan a trip to this place you can buy concert tickets in advance on . In this case, you’ll be sure that you have your tickets booked and you won’t miss the performance of your favorite singer. This service offers a wide array of different tickets at reasonable prices. For that reason, you’ll get guarantees that you won’t miss the performance of your favorite singer, pop or rock group.

What Concerts to Visit in Massachusetts?

In very deed, the concern schedule in this state is wide and varies from Elton John to the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Besides, all well-known American singers and groups always add the cities of this stated to their concert schedule. This state offers lots of great events for people of every taste and budget. You can visit either a concert of your favorite pop singer or an opera house. The only thing you need to care about is to purchase your tickets beforehand because if this particular singer is popular, you risk missing the performance.

Concerts in Massachusetts

You have an excellent opportunity to attend the shows of your favorite singers in New England. This activity will vary your trip because visiting the main objects of interest is definitely fascinating and useful for you but in some instances, a strong desire to kick up your heels on the show of your favorite singer is more pleasant.

Where Do Concerts Take Place?

Commonly, all events take place in different places. The state has an awful lot of concert halls, opera houses, and restaurants where all major performances take place. Below, you can make yourself familiar with the main places where you can have a rest listening to the songs of your adorable singer.


The House of Blues

The House of Blues

You can read the name of this establishment and you’ll realize what music genre you can hear here. Its founder is Isaac Tigretts, who adores the unique American Art. The main commitment of this establishment is to create a global entertainment company. They try to promote spiritual and racial harmony through truth and love. They have a huge art collection which comprises Folk and Outsider artwork. Their overarching goal is not just to organize concerts but to educate youth about the role of music in the modern life.


Royale Boston

Royale Boston

If you are in Boston and you simply can’t do without fascinating night parties, you should definitely visit Royale Boston. This is an amazing nightclub in Boston which frequently becomes the main place where well-known singers sing. Every Friday or Saturday they organize great events for their visitors. If you don’t want to miss one of them, you should obtain tickets beforehand.


Wang Theater

Wang Theater

The Wang Theatre is situated in Boston and occupies the building of the famous Metropolitan Theatre. Today, this is a well-known theatre in Boston which has a fascinating interior design. When you come to the theater, the performance and the general interior design will definitely amaze you. Besides, the directors of famous movies as American Hustle and The Witches of Eastwick chose this place as the main location for shooting some scenes. If you are a fan of the dramatic art, to visit this theatre is a must for you!


Paradise Rock Club

Paradise Rock Club

Formally, it is known as the Paradise Theater. Today, this venue comprises more than 1000 visitors. It doesn’t only accommodate big or small music festivals but non-music events as well. You can find this club on the edge of Boston University’s campus. Fans of rock music frequently visit this club. Nevertheless, if you are less than 18, you won’t be allowed to enter.

In sober fact, Boston and other cities of Massachusetts have lots of interesting places to see. Except for the above-mentioned places, you can also visit different shows or concerts at the Agganis Arena, TD Garden, Fenway Park, and others. New England has lots of prominent places and amazing activities and if you plan your trip to Massachusetts, you should try to visit the major part of them.

Boston Dynamics Robots

Do you know that robots can imitate the animal’s behavior? The pioneering robotics firm Boston Dynamics managed to live out this dream. Furthermore, their robots can perform lots of tasks, ranging from transporting goods to even opening doors using their jaws and neck. Robots, developed by this company are a breakthrough in the area of science. Specifically, they became a must-have tool for some industries. So, what do this company offer? In what area do they specialize? What is the future of the projects? You can find all answers below.

Boston Dynamics: What Do They Offer?

This is a prominent American robotics company, which began their career as a spinoff from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. However, they were the first who managed to create robots which copied the behavior of animals. The main characteristic feature of all their projects is the realistic human and animal simulation.

They started their work in 1992 under auspices of Marc Raibert. Nevertheless, later Google X bought this company. Today, Boston Dynamics Robots are the best company in their respective field. Their robots are powerful and cross-functional creatures.

Kind of Robots

What Kind of Robots Do Boston Dynamics Produce?

In very deed, they produce different models of robots. Below, you can find the overview of the best projects of this company.




This is a quadrupedal robot which hit the market more than 10 years ago. They worked on this project together with the Jet Propulsion Lab and the Harvard University. The DARPA financed this project. Besides, their overarching goal was to develop a robotic pack mule, which will be the best partner for American soldiers. This dog doesn’t have wheels; it has four legs instead. Today, experts frequently call it as the best and the most ambitious legged robot, which can carry up to 150 kg. This robot can be a worthy helper for all American soldiers. All duties related to transportation of outfit, the robot takes upon itself.




As compared to the previous model, this creature is comparatively smaller. The primary purpose of this robot is to serve as a testbed for other establishments. It is also endowed with 4 legs and each of them has 3 electric motors. The robot is rather strong and can easily climb. The sensors of this robot can measure motor-currents, joint angles and foot contact. Otherwise stated, it has all features, a good, powerful robot of the 21sr century should possess.




This robot also has four feet that can develop the speed up to 45 km/h. In August 2012, it was one of the fastest legged robots. The main feature is an articulated back which actually increases the running speed. It is powered by a special off-board hydraulic pump.




This is a bipedal device which is developed with the aim to test different chemical protection suites. We wish to add that this is the first robot in the history which can move like human beings. Nevertheless, scientists confessed, this robot was built on the basis of a well-known BigDog. The robot can move, walk or even bend with ease.

This is the list of the best projects of this company. Except for these models they managed to develop lots of other ones as Atlas, RHex, SpotMinin, and others.  However, if you wish to make sure that all robots are extremely powerful creatures, it is enough to visit their official website ( ) and watch the videos with them.

Location of Boston

Any tourist who wishes to visit one or another place wants to know its geographical location. It’s obvious because when you don’t know where one or another city is located, you can’t build a correct route. Today, we’ll analyze the geographical location of Boston and check how to get to this city faster.

Location of Boston on a map

Boston on a map

So, where is Boston, Massachusetts located on a map? Firstly, it must be noted that Boston is located on the bank of the Atlantic Ocean, 38 meters above the sea level (42.36 latitude and 71.06 longitude). The population of Boston is more than 600,000. For that reason, this city is the biggest one in Massachusetts.

Americans call this state as New England because it was the first settlement of Mayflower pilgrims. On that score, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the whole country and boasts of an awful lot of historical places and a variety of museums. Besides, this is an oasis of cultural, marketing and economic opportunities.

Boston still contains the flavor of the colonial era. A wide array of museums, old buildings and streets still remind about this period of life.

Who founded Boston?

The first notes about this city go back to the beginning of 1600th. It was established by Puritan colonists in 1630th. They were the first settlers of this area and were the first founders of the American culture. This city is also famous for a variety of historic events as the Boston Tea Party or Paul Reverses Ride and lots of others. If you wish to immerse yourself in the history of the USA, Boston should be the first place from which you should start.

Puritan colonists

Besides, we wish to add that Boston is an educational center of the USA as well. The best and the most famous higher educational establishments are situated here. We mean the universities as Harvard, M.I.T. and B.U. Maybe, you are one of those individuals, who still can’t choose the place where you can get the higher education. If yes, you should definitely come to Boston and visit the best universities personally.

It is easy to get to Boston from any American city because there are a railway station and airport. The easiest and the most convenient way is getting to Boston by car. There are lots of parking zones and you won’t depend on the schedule of the public transit system.

Several Fascinating Facts about Boston

Make yourself familiar with best places in Boston that are worth seeing:

  • Boston Common. This is the oldest American park which is one of the most beautiful places of interest as well.
  • The first subway of the USA was built in Boston in 1897.
  • The Boston Tea Party, which influenced the development of the American history, took place here. Every year, they celebrate the anniversary of this event on December 16th.

Boston Common

Thanks to an advantageous geographical location, Boston is one of the most booming places in the USA. This city gave birth to a variety of plants and factories and has a variety of interesting places to see.

University of Massachusetts

If you made up your mind to spend your studentship in Massachusetts, you need to find out everything about its higher educational establishments and select the best one. The University of Massachusetts is regarded to be one of the best ones in the whole state. So, where is the University of Massachusetts located? Today, we’ll try to reply this question and discover what else attracts students from the USA and why they prefer this higher educational establishment to many other ones.

The Key Facts about the University of Massachusetts

It is located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and comprises 5 different campuses:

  • Dartmouth,
  • Amherst,
  • Lowell,
  • Boston,
  • Worcester

The administration of the university is situated in Boston and Shrewsbury. More than 73,000 students study here. Not only local students prefer this university but students from other states and other countries also come here.

The system of UMass occupies the 52nd in the world. Besides, in 2015, it was included in the list of Top 100 Worldwide Universities.

Now, it is high time to discern about every school and discover what benefits students get studying here.

UMass Amherst

 UMass Amherst

This department is one of the biggest campuses of the university. Furthermore, it was the first school, established many years ago. Otherwise stated, the history of the whole university began from this particular campus. Originally, people called it as the Massachusetts Agricultural College. In 1931, it was renamed and acquired the name “Massachusetts State College”.

Professional and famous architects were developing this campus. When you come here, it seems you immerse yourself in a century-old atmosphere. Each building is an architectural masterpiece and reminds of those days.

UMass Lowell

UMass Lowell

This campus appeared as a result of a merge between a college and institute. Today, it is famous for fascinating science and engineering programs.

If you wish to study here, you’ll find this higher educational establishment in the Merrimack Valley, which is too close to Boston. Students, studying here, will specialize in the areas of science, technology, and engineering. However, this campus also offers different programs as internship, service learning and co-ops. There is a variety of international programs as well. More than 18,000 students study here.

UMass Boston

 UMass Boston

This campus specializes in more scientific departments. This is a famous research university, situated in Boston (near the Boston harbor). It offers more than 50 graduate programs and 100 undergraduate programs. However, it also comprises an awful lot of different student organizations.

UMass Dartmouth

 UMass Dartmouth


This campus situated in the southeastern part of the state. Founded in 1895, it still accepts students from all over the globe. Initially, it was a conventional textile school but later, it transformed into a university. If you wish to study the programs as finance, accounting, management or marketing, this campus is the best solution. The campus accounts for more than 7000 students and 60 degree programs. You can choose the one which meets your demands and can develop your skills best of all.

If you wish to get the higher education in one of these campuses, you should visit the official website of this university,, where you can find the general information about enrollment requirements.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Are you going to dedicate your life to technology and now, you are in search of the best technical university in the USA? It bears mentioning that the best higher educational establishment where you can obtain a higher education is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. So, where is Massachusetts Institute of Technology located?

The answer is simple – Cambridge, Massachusetts. Except for good reputation, this higher educational establishment is one of the oldest ones in the whole country.

The Most Prominent Historical Facts

MIT ( ) is a reputable university and thousands of students wish to study here. The history of the institute goes back to 1861 (when the first students sat at the desks of the university). The rapid development of industrialization in the USA conduced the foundation of this university. Firstly, they strictly followed a European polytechnic university model but later, they managed to develop their own system.

Informally, people called this university as “Boston Tech”. Today, this name is still used by the local citizens. Almost immediately after the establishment, they faced financial difficulties but due to the fact that the state needed such specialists, they managed to survive. During the next 2nd decade of the 19th century, the number of students increased. Technical subjects were in demand and several new departments were created. Programs in engineering, marine, chemical and electrical subjects were introduced. The government allocated money and new buildings were built.

Since the year of establishment and until the present days, MIT remains a huge community of scientists, which adores the fundamental science and every day, they wish to make the world better. They managed to keep this spirit until the present days.


MIT in the 21st Century

The prime objective of MIT is to provide students with the education, which comprises strict academic study and the excitement of studying new subjects and discovery. Their overarching goal is to make students love the subject and to develop the ability to work creatively and effectively. The knowledge and skills, students receive at a higher educational establishment, should stay with them until the end of their lives. They don’t just make students study new material. They teach them how to apply this material in practice.

If you wish to become a part of this community, you should make yourself familiar with the basics:

  • The institute has more than 500 student groups. If neither of them doesn’t meet your demands or doesn’t correspond to your interests, you can start your own.
  • Their motto is Mind and Hand.
  • There are 33 varsity sports teams.
  • The territory of campus occupies more than 170 acres along the Charles River.

Students from the whole country come to Boston in order to study at this institute. International students also prefer this higher educational establishment to lots of others.

If you wish to apply to MIT, you should know their address. You can find it below:

77 Massachusetts Avenue

Room 10-100

Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: 617.253.3400
Email: [email protected]

Massachusetts Bay Colony located

Those who plan their trip around the most prominent states shouldn’t leave Boston out of account and probably wonder where was Massachusetts Bay Colony located? Some tourists consider that there is nothing interesting in Boston and prefer other cities to this one.

Yet still, they are at fault because Massachusetts is one of the oldest American states, which has a wide array of historical places of interest and fascinating modern entertainments. You can find more detailed information about the location, history, and pace of living of this state here .

Several Amazing Facts about the Colony

In very deed, it doesn’t exist anymore. The first English settlement on the east coast of the continent was called as the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It was founded in 1628 and existed till 1691. The first pilgrims, who came here, chose this place to form their first settlements due to its advantageous geographic location. The initial exiles of the first emigrants were situated here. In current times, well-known Boston and Salem occupy this territory.

The colony administered a huge territory, which comprises the modern New England, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Officially, the proprietary of Massachusetts Company were the founders of this colony. It was a team of retail customers from the Dorchester Company, which failed before. Besides, the flotation of the company is the second endeavour of colonization. This period in the history of the USA is probably the most difficult but at the same time the most amazing one. It is very interesting to keep track of the nationality origin and see how they managed to survive on the new territory.

Analyzing the economic state, we must add that they were quite successful (mostly, thanks to a profitable geographic location). Firstly, the population was around 20.000 people and all of them were mainly puritans. They had their own government, consisting of Puritans as well. Otherwise stated, they came to America with the aim to create a country of their dream. They couldn’t survive in Great Britain and couldn’t follow the severe rules of the Monarchy. However, the colonial board didn’t accept other religions and were intolerant to all other god-fearing views.

Initially, they had excellent relationships with the local Indian citizens. They helped the new squatters to grow familiar with the new territory. Nevertheless, so good relationships didn’t last for too long. The first frictions developed in 1636 and led to the Pequot War and King Philip’s war.

How Puritans survived in the Colony


When they came to this country, they definitely experienced lots of difficulties. Some emigrants lived in wigwams or dirt-floor huts. As the years went by, the constructions were improved as well as their quality of life.

Nevertheless, a too close location of the Atlantic Ocean allowed them to survive. Economically, they were quite successful. They traded with the West Indies and England.

When you come to this state, you’ll find a broad selection of museums, which will show you how the first inhabitants (who managed to survive on the American territory) lived. You’ll explore many new facts, describing the history of this place and the USA as a whole. Though the Massachusetts Bay Colony doesn’t exist anymore, it triggered off other metropolises, which looked as poor settlements 400 hundred years ago.

It seems like citizens of Connecticut, New York or New Hampshire don’t face any difficulties related to the ways how to spend their weekend. Too close location of Massachusetts allows them to spend fascinating weekends in this place. In sober fact, Massachusetts has a variety of interesting places to show to its tourists and if you can’t go abroad, this state can be a very good alternative.

The Location of Massachusetts

The population of this state is more than 6 million people. Statistically, this is the 14th biggest division in the USA. Officially, it acquired the status as a state in 1788. Its government is based in Boston (the population of this city is more than 600 thousand).

biggest cities of this state

Analyzing the biggest cities of this state, we can mention the following ones:

  • Boston,
  • Worcester,
  • Springfield,
  • Lowell

It seems like these cities have a variety of activities to offer to their tourists. So, if you have never been to one of them, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit at least one of these cities.

There is another name of this state – “The Bay State”. The citizens chose this name due to huge bays, which shape the coast. We mean:

  • Massachusetts Bay,
  • Cape Cod Bay,
  • Buzzards Bay,
  • Mount Hope Bay.

The nature views are picturesque here. If you are a photographer and search for excellent views, this place will meet your requirements. You’ll make a high-quality photo content here.

Cape Cod Bay

Nevertheless, if these places aren’t enough for you (you wish to see more), it is high time to change your route in favor of the Cape Cod. This is a big, sandy and picturesque peninsula, situated in the southeastern corner of the state. This well-known geographic cap is extending up to the Atlantic Ocean, which is definitely worth seeing. If you plan your trip in summer, you should definitely visit this place because its beaches attract American tourists during summer months.

So, if beaches aren’t interesting for you, what should you prefer? Central Massachusetts is the number one place for you! Here, you can find a variety of rocky hills and other fascinating activities that can meet the demands of those tourists who adore mountains.

Should I visit Boston?

This is the biggest city of Massachusetts, which is situated in the Massachusetts Bay. Otherwise stated, this is the most populous city in the state. The Suffolk County sits in this city. Besides, Boston is the center of the economic life of the state.

We wish to add that this city is one of the oldest ones in the whole country because it was founded in 1630. Puritan settlers were the first settlers here. They chose this city due to a profitable geographic location and physical proximity of the ocean.

Coming to Boston, you’ll have a chance to visit lots of places. For instance, the Boston Public Garden, Isabella Steward Gardner Museum, Boston Common or Freedom Trail and many others. All these places will acquaint you with the detailed history of this state.

This state also comprises 351 cities and small towns. For that reason, we can conclude that Massachusetts has what to offer to its citizens and tourists which come here every year.

Plymouth Massachusetts

If you plan a trip to the USA, you should plan your itinerary thoroughly and include all historical and interesting places in it. Many tourists don’t visit Plymouth, considering there is nothing interesting there. Nevertheless, this city has an awful lot of historical places of interest. Americans call this city as “America’s Hometown”. Let’s take a look at the historical treasures of this city and check out what it offers.

Go Back to History

Plymouth Colony

Why should you visit Plymouth? There is a number-one reason – this is the first colony, founded in 1620 by well-known Mayflower Pilgrims. They established New England here. Furthermore, this is one of the oldest American states. So, if you wish to make yourself familiar with the history of the American states, this state is the first place you should visit.

Today, the number-one holiday of millions of Americans is Thanksgiving Day. They celebrate it every year. Emigrees from Great Britain began this tradition. In such a manner, they wanted to thank Indians for their help. Today, the majority of tourists try to visit this city during the celebration of the Thanksgiving Day.

We wish to note that Plymouth was the first capital of Plymouth Colony. It served as the capital from 1620 to 1691 until this colony merged with the Massachusetts Bay colony.

As you see, this town is integral to the history of the USA and if you wish to trace it, you should definitely begin your trip with this place.

Several Important Facts about Plymouth

We wish to add that this city is the biggest one in Massachusetts. It is situated 40 miles south of Boston, in the South Shore region. In the 19th century, this town was the center of fishing and shipping. Besides, this city is also famous due to the development of rope making because the biggest rope making factory was founded here. For centuries, this city served as a huge port and the main source of income was shipping of products. Nevertheless, the situation has changed today and tourism brings more funds to the municipal budget than all other industries.

However, the main place you should visit is the Pilgrim Hall Museum. Every tourist, who comes to this city for the first time ever, should visit this place. Besides, this is one of the oldest American museums in the country.

Plymouth Massachusetts Located

You can find interesting facts and useful information about the current events and historical objects of Plymouth on this website If you have real estate, vehicle, destination or lots of other questions, related to the history of this city and its pace of living, you will find the answers here. This is the main city portal where the society discusses all current questions. Furthermore, if your overarching goal is to visit a particular event which will be held here, you should visit this website to clarify the details.

Bottom Line

Plymouth is one of the main cities from which the history of the USA began. For that reason, this is the number one place you should visit in this country. Furthermore, you’ll find our many fascinating and interesting facts about the development of this country the first settlers and their mode of life.