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Have you ever been to the Massachusetts Bay Colony? Maybe you dream about visiting this state, don’t you? Nevertheless, before you come to the new state, you ought to find the information about its geographical location, several facts about the life mode in this area and maybe famous people from Massachusetts.

First, let’s bandy about the geographical location. So, where was Massachusetts Bay Colony located? It is situated on the east coast of North America. The first historical notes about this place date back to the 17th century. Later, it was reorganized in the Province of Massachusetts Bay. The first settlements of Puritans were on two natural harbors. These days, such well-known cities as Boston and Salem are located here.

First, the Colony was administrated by England, but later they managed to gain independence.

Who Founded Massachusetts Bay?

The owners of the Massachusetts Bay Company are considered to be the founders of the colony. The first historical notes about it were noticed in 1628. That was just a foremost attempt of the company to form a colony. More than 20,000 people moved from New England formed a colony here. Mostly, the citizens were Puritans. Besides, the city leaders were also influenced by their religion. In April 1630, lots of ships sailed from England to the new world. Each ship contained more than 700 Puritans. They were on the way for more than 2 months. For that reason, not all of them survived. That period in the history is called as the Great Migration.

You know that the native population of that area was Indians. Nevertheless, Puritans had very good relationships with them.

Why Did the Puritans Come to America?

You know that Puritans emigrated from England to the USA, but why did they do this? The way from England to the USA is too long and not each of them could survive in this tentamen. In sober fact, too much depends on the religion. Puritans had different religious views and couldn’t agree with the beliefs of the modern English church. Thus, they rendered a decision to emigrate from England to the new world.

This state is a very interesting place to see. Here is an awful lot of fascinating sights that you must see. Thus, if you burn with curiosity and wish to see this place, welcome!

Do you know which colony was located between the two parts of Massachusetts? In this review, we’ll discern about this state, check out Massachusetts colony map and identify its geographic location.

In sober fact, the Thirteen Colonies is a definite group of British Colonies that are located on the east coast of North America. All these settlements were founded 400 years ago. First, they lived under the British crown. Nevertheless, in 1776 they managed to declare independence. All those Massachusetts 13 colonies had the same constitutional, political and legal systems. Nevertheless, Protestant-English speakers were dominating.

Analyzing the mode of life, economic relationships and the political area, all colonies tried to collaborate with each other. In other words, self-governance was dominating. Historians consider that such inter-colonial relationships formed a well-known sense of shared American identity. All this led to the American Revolution and in 1776 they declared independence.

The first settlement was a well-known Colony of Virginia, which was founded in 1607. The last one was the Province of Virginia, which was founded in 1732.

New Hampshire is the state which is situated in the northeastern United States. This colony borders Massachusetts, Vermont and Quebec. This colony is regarded to be one of the smallest land areas of the USA. Regardless of the fact that Concord is the capital of the state, Manchester is deemed to be the biggest and the most well-known city. The East Coast of the USA can make boast of the biggest ski mountains, thus, this is an ideal place for snowmobiling, skiing, hiking and mountaineering in the USA.